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Kruger National Park

The Kruger Park is home to the biggest accumulation of animal species in the world. It is 20000 square km big and it varies lot in its scenery. The Kruger Park got its name from the first president of the Free State, Paul Kruger. They opened the border to Mozambique’s transfrontier national park in 2001. VISITING THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK…


Jozi is the biggest town in South Africa with 3, 3 Million people and a lot of things to do and to see. The other name for Johannesburg is Egoli – which means city of gold. The discovering of Gold in 1886 was the beginning of Joburg. Johannesburg is a city of extremes – the very rich and the very poor. Joburg is Africa….


This great escarpment is called the Drakensberg at the place where its form and height is the most impressive. It separates the Highveld, the plateau behind the escarpment, from the Lowveld, the shore of South Africa. It stretches from the north to the Royal National Parkand to the south for hundreds of kilometer alongside the Lesotho- and Swaziland Kingdom.The Mountains…

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