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The Kruger Park is home to the biggest accumulation of animal species in the world. It is 20000 square km big and it varies lot in its scenery. The Kruger Park got its name from the first president of the Free State, Paul Kruger. They opened the border to Mozambique’s transfrontier national park in 2001.


Entrance Fee: Every international guest has to pay a conservation fee of R180 (in 2011), locals pay less.

Best Time to visit: You may visit the Kruger National Park the whole year-round. October to March is the rainy season. The rain will come suddenly and disappear fast. The Kruger National Park is a green Paradise. You will see many newborn and young animals with flowering scenery in the background. The temperature can climb up to 35°C – 47°Cby day and 18°C at night. April to September is the dry season. The animals are easier to spot in the shorter grass. You will find many animals on the riverbanks and near waterholes. The temperatures differ between 23°C and 35°C by day and to -4°C at night.


  • In The Kruger National Park you will need malaria prophylactics, please consult your medical practitioner before departing.
  • Most camps have a shop and cafeterias.
  • An Atm is available in the Main camp Skukuza.
  • You can book a sunset drive at reception for round R210 pp. The drive will be in an open game vehicle around 4:30/5:00 pm till 7:30/8:00 pm.
  • In every camp, you can buy a Kruger Map with a lot of tips in it. Note the gate opening times and also most of the animal’s names.
  • Cell phone reception is limited.


The Kruger National Park offers various different accommodations from camping to luxury. Currently bedding is supplied in all huts and cooking utensils and refrigeration are provided in most of them.

Camping in the Kruger: sites for caravan and tents available – with or without power point
Hut: with communal bathrooms and kitchen
Safari Tent: Permanent tents on a platform with furniture, some with communal bathrooms and kitchen and some en suite and more luxury
Bungalow: rooms en suite, some with a little kitchenette others with communal kitchen. Some of themes have been upgraded to luxury accommodations
Cottage: en suite with living room and kitchen
Family Cottage: multiple rooms sharing bathroom, kitchen and living room
Guest Cottage: multiple rooms with at least 2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen
Guest House: multiple rooms and bathrooms with lounge area and often with bar facilities and exclusive view
Bush Lodge: Exclusive private Lodges with a unique style and atmosphere

Kruger National Park highlights

  • The Big Five
  • True safari experience
  • Greatest diversity of species
  • Most sought-after travel experience

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