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Swaziland is encased mainly by South Africa and also Mozambique. The country and its people are named after their King, King Mswati the second. His grandson is the head of state. He has to today 11 wives and more than 30 kids. Swaziland is small and only measures 200 km from the north to the south and 130 km from the east to west. The mountainous Highveld in the west differs from the nearly tropical Lowveld in the east. In summer it can reach up to 40 degrees. The rainy season is mainly in summer (December – March).

The Swazis speak their own language, “Seswati”, and English. Swaziland gained its independence in 1968 and its main income achieves the Kingdom through agriculture and the selling of products to South Africa. It is a very poor country but the people are very friendly and helpful. Swaziland’s capital is Mbabane. Its currency is the Lilangeni, 1:1 with the South African Rand. Swaziland has a lot to explore, whether one of the beautiful game parks, Hlane National Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary for a game walk or drive, Malolotja Nature reserve for a long hike or a traditional village and its craft market, the glass fabric or hot springs in Ezulwini Valley.

Herding Cows in the fields
Malolotja Game Reserve
The flag of Swaziland

Swaziland highlights

  • Hlane National Park
  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Malolotja Nature reserve
  • Hot springs in Ezulwini Valley

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